Play anywhere against anybody.

Mobile consoles have taken gaming to a whole new level. You can travel the globe and still not miss your Battleship daily match or that all-important play-off game in the backgammon tournament. That is what we are interested in: wireless games and Java-based Internet games – who wouldn’t like to enjoy a little gaming excitement during a long car trip or a plane ride?

What makes casual gaming attractive is its sticky content, which means that online games bind users to your site. The average daily time spent online by casual gamers is 1,5 hour during which website operators have a great opportunity to expose users to information connected to their commercial partners’ products, brands or services.

Furthermore, games themselves can also bring revenue. It is not Certus’ philosophy to offer games to users for free. With the attractive features like tournaments, clans and Play Money, our games will draw gamers willing to pay for the privilege – generating a steady source of income for the site.

Our offer seems have it all: a leading game platform, compatibility with mobile devices and a growing list of extra features.

Welcome to Certus! Enjoy the game!