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Our team love multiplayer games!

New technologies are what makes us tick. We have had a loving relationship with the Internet and video games since 1998, when we first saw a piece of news on new gaming technology in Danish television station. Initially, our gaming adventure began with only three basic games: Blackgammon, 2Hearts and Connect4.

Since then, things have changed as we have followed the trends and adopted innovative technologies. We have also expanded our working relationships and formed partnerships with some of the leading gaming portals all across Europe.

Video games have evolved to an art form. An electronic type of entertainment, a video game requires human interaction with a user interface. Once considered a raster display device, the term video now extends to any type of display device that is able to produce two- or three-dimensional images. Platforms are the electronic systems that are used to play video games. These may include personal computers and video game consoles in all sizes. Over time, new more technologically advanced games replaced once popular Arcade games, taking gaming in new directions.

At Certus, we love games and we love to write about the gaming industry as well as test newly released games :). Stay with us and check out the rest of our website to find out more about your favourite games!