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The term “technology” became popular in the 20th century in light of the Second Industrial Revolution. Initially referring only to the study of the industrial arts, the term has been adopted in the 1930′s to denote the industrial arts themselves following the translation of the German term “Technik” by an American social scientist Thorstein Veblen into “technology”.

Over time, there evolved various areas of technology itself, most related to computers. One of the most commonly used terms is Information technology (IT) which is applied in general to computers and telecommunication equipment as well as software used to manage data. Often used within a business context, the term is usually used synonymously with computers and computer networks. It is also associated with information distribution technologies, for example television and telephones.

With the current Internet technology going mobile on a global scale, domain names can play critical role in establishing online presence of any technology-oriented website. More and more Internet domain names (Top Level Domains) associated with computers and new technologies are becoming available under the New gTLDs Program developed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). New exciting alternatives to .com, .net and .org are being released including: .app, .blog, .mail, .chat or .web. New domain names will allow for better separation and positioning of specific IT areas and other fields of life on the Web.